Friday, 31 October 2008

Fridays Doctor Who

Doctor Who - Clubbed to death

Original: Rob Dougan (Rob D) - Clubbed to death

Top 100 Hits of...

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

David Tennant quits Doctor Who

David Tennant speaks about leaving

Superhero - Trailer

Top Gear Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black

Monday, 27 October 2008

Info 27.10.08

Breaking News: Major UFO Sighting With Video Multi Witnesses in Texas, CNN Video
Did UFO fly over our skies?
World's Oldest Cooked Cereal Was Instant
The Leopard Man of Skye changes his spot
Woman arrested for killing virtual husband
Geologists find 'dinosaur dance floor'
Mysterious Pink Light Photographed Over London
Exposure to low doses of mercury changes the way the arteries work
One dead, six injured after faulty toilet seat falls
Toilets are the new offices for Americans
High Deer Populations May Benefit Critters
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams
Wild boar killed in sweet shop rampage
Light shortens the life of supermarket vegetables
20 Album Covers Recreated In LEGO
Dubai hotel urged to free shark
What Gamers Want: Missing Gamers
Hawaiian Cave Reveals Ancient Secrets
The Top 7 Cars That Kill
UK Atheist Advertising Campaign Begins
19 Ways to Slash Your Utility Bill
Cats and Dogs Licking the Screen
10 People Who Survived the Impossible
Tiny, Toothy Dino Was No Vegetarian
Mars craters might be scars from fallen moon
If the laws of gravity no longer applied
Man Gets Ticket For Driving At 310MPH
Runaway hamster back in custody
Butt Prints Hung in Gallery - Fine Art?
CUBE: The Future of Video Gaming!
40 Unwritten Rules to Live By
7 Fantastic Internet Hoaxes
10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure
7 Wacky Wi-Fi Gadgets
The U.S. Penny's Un-American History
Microsoft to ship Vista SP2 beta to testers this week
Invention: Dust buster
Doctor Who' Comics Make Comeback in Print, DVDs
Couple Gets Baggie Of Marijuana With Taco Order
Is this the most dangerous job in the world?
For Real Pet Rocks
10 People with Unbelievable Talents
Australia scientists say bees can count to four
Meteor 'Fireball' Caught on Video
Movie Studio to Acquire 'Gears of War' Maker Epic Games
US Fighter Pilot ordered to shoot down UFO
The 15 Must-See Green Shows On TV Right Now
Google Buys A Fighter Jet!
Top 8 Video Games That Should Be Movies
Blackwater Floats Private Navy To Fight Pirates
Bumblebees learn the sweet smell of foraging success
Police Find Break-In Suspect Asleep
Sex-change hen ruling the roost
Drummer Breaks Into Church To Rock Out
Could LA Lose the Beckhams?
This pic, you create yourself
Lightning strikes only once but kills 52 cows
Brains work best at age of 39
Country looks into waste and finds waste

Monday, 20 October 2008

Info 20.10.08

6 Signs You're About to be Attacked by Zombies
Lost tomb of 'Gladiator' real life Roman inspiration found
10 Spectacular Aircraft Photos
Tech gadgetry brings about pet-o-geddon
Comic Kay wins 'X Factor battle'
Teddy bear barred from Facebook
Putin tries satellite navigation device on his dog
Jabba the Hut Wedding Cake
Uni spends £400,000 on creepy body parts
‘Push’ is Like ‘Heroes,’ But With Way More Action
The incredible surfing rats (pics)
LittleBigPlanet Faces Worldwide Recall
The Secret Museum of Mankind
“Hippie” Monkeys Leave the Commune, Go Hunting
10 Best Geek Characters in Mainstream Movies
YouTube offers full-length shows
The Most Honest Photos you Will Ever See! [11 Pics]
Police Arrest Michigan Man For Car Wash Vacuum Sex
Police called in over cuddly toy tiger
Drinking Coffee Shrinks Women's Breasts, Enlarges Men's
Black and white TV generation have monochrome dreams
The Truth Behind the 12 Hottest Sex Myths
4 Ways of Looking at Breakfast from Around the World
Incredible secret world at the bottom of the sea (pics)
200ft pink rabbit can be seen from space
The Weirdest Sexy Calendars Ever
10 Manliest Ways to Die
Searching the net boosts brain activity
Mathematical formula for the perfect shower
12 Coolest Evil Lairs and Criminal Hideouts
8 Most Baffling 'Sports' From Around The World
The Car that Runs on Air and Magnets
Australia’s Tasmanian Devil Could Be Extinct Within a Decade
Internet Slang: Where Does "Fail" Come From?
Stone Age man took drugs, say scientists
Was Dracula Really a Woman?
Dead woman's relatives barbecue her body
15 Most Creative Bus Ads
Cops: Alleged Burglar Dresses As Beauty Shop Owner
Another 6 Clean Jokes for Slightly Twisted Minds
Amazing Search And Rescue Robot [Vid]
How to catch hackers on your wireless network
Coffins for Geeks [pic]
Tissue Thin 'Buckypaper' Stronger Than Steel
Top 10 Mad Scientists in History
Jamaica puzzled by theft of beach
Hari Puttar: India’s Harry Potter is Home Alone
Northerners have dirtier hands
Wallet missing for 6 decades returned to family
9 Most Bizarre Sights on Google Earth
15 Apple Ads From The Past
The week in science: diesels go green, bananas glow blue
A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
Freaky Robot Girl
Big-Screen 'G.I. Joe' Completes Basic Training
Crematorium Shortage in Japan: Some Morbid Facts
Shopping Cart Bicycles - The Cartrider
“Thats what she said!” gets detention from Ms Friedrichs
Disco tune "Stayin' Alive" could save your life
Afghanistan Diary: Unleash the Puppies of War!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Info 13.10.08

Huge UFO Seen By Multiple Witnesses Over Niagra Falls Area
Pilot's Disappearance With UFO Hovering Overhead Still Unsolved After 30 Years
Asteroid Encounters That Almost Happened (And Still May)
How Long Until We Find a Second Earth?
Testicle recipes Warning: May contain Nuts.
9 Rejected Video Game Concepts
50 things to do before going home
Aussie sheep made to wear gas masks....Are you my mahhmmy?
The Deadly Outcome of Phone Sex [pic]
7 Music Trends Whose Return Must Be Stopped
Software that makes you pretty
Squirrel Fights Dog, Makes Us All Look Bad
11 Cool Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist
Instrument-Inspired Watercraft - The Guitar Boat
Counting cards: NY collection includes 6,356 decks
Anglers discover arm washed up on riverbank
French candles that tell you to go f*ck yourself. Thanks!
VIDEO: Weatherman proposes live on TV
Edible Lamps - Hasta La Pasta by Charlie Davidson
Large Blue Rabbit Attempts Robbery, Fails
Define: Irony [12 pics]
Kenya's elephants send text messages to rangers
Nintendo DS Steals the Tokyo Game Show
Brits find big boobs too much of a handful
Crackdown on tight trousers cancelled
Judge Sentences Rap Music Fan To Bach, Beethoven
For sale: Yourself, in Lego
Hippies plan to grow old gracefully
Deadly mouse turns tables on snake
World's Most Incredible Animal Prosthetics
Woman, 72, moves after finding snakes in apartment
People Dressing Up Like Jellyfish
Interspecies Animal Adoptions - 6 Unusual Surrogate Mothers
Hotel introduces English-Hull translation
School bans pupils from eating Marmite
Man shoots hooker after she gets tired of sex
Genetically good gamers suffer premature ejaculation
Should Mary Queen of Scots be returned?
Cool Bus Stops around the World
Dead woman is eaten by her cats
The New, Freaking Bizarre-Looking, Air-Powered Car
The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s
10 Reasons You’re Not Having Sex
Sticky Substance Could Turn You Into Spider-Man
Super Cells to Power Cyborgs
Babies can tell happy songs from sad ones
Restaraunt Uses Monkeys as Waiters
15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity
10 Best Foods for Your Heart
Guns ‘N’ Roses to release ‘Chinese Democracy’ Nov. 23
Why Halloween Will ROCK this Year (pic)
The Stories Behind Three Classic Halloween Movies
Humans will not evolve further, says geneticist
LittleBigPlanet used to create 1,600-part calculator (vid)
10 Things We'd Like to See in Diablo III
Man sentenced to stupidity
Elderly man jailed because he can't afford to sod his lawn
Wil Wheaton Voicing “Naruto” Character
15 Most Unfortunate T-shirts for a Mugshot
How to Recycle Almost Anything From A to Z
It's a small world: Life under the microscope (pics)
Top 10 Scariest New Car Features
The Top 28 FPS Video Games
Zuumer Electric Scooter: Hands-On, First Drive
And Finally: You did what in your lederhosen?

Friday, 10 October 2008

Monday, 6 October 2008

Info 06.10.08

Wachowski Bros Interviewed for the first time since 1999!!!
Scrabble fan proves he is no yutz by becoming UK champion
Farmer carves out Calif. record with huge pumpkin
Tall Order: Super Skyscraper Plan
9 Words That Don’t Mean What You Think
30+ Most Wanted Wordpress Tips, Tricks and Hacks
Wealthy Ca. Beach Town Desserted Day After Wall St. Bailout
UK's Biggest CO2 Offenders Unveiled
Google Chrome: One Month Later
Baseball's Most Embarrassing People, Places and Things
Echo and the Bunnymen Get Nostalgic in New York
Farmer carves out Calif. record with huge pumpkin
Final Farewell: QE2 makes final visit to its river of birth
Cause of 'Treeman's' barklike growths revealed
20 Things You Didn’t Know About Obesity
Testicle recipe book is a load of b*llocks
10 Funniest Law-Firm Names
10 Words You Won’t Believe Shakespeare Invented
Harry Enfield banned from playing sexcrazed Muslim hoodie in Harry and Paul
Thieves steal condoms, leave massive condom behind
Otter Decline a Mixed Blessing for Bald Eagles
15 Most Insanely Titled Books
The IKEA drinking challenge…
Air Force's New 'Killer Zombie' Drone
Simpsons send in the clone, Halloween special (fast forward)
Woman buys abandoned house on eBay for $1.75
Top 10 Everyday Things People Do To Ruin Their Cars
The World's Greatest Aviation Innovations
The Top 10 Movies You Won't Admit You Love
10 Creepiest Old Ads
The Most Popular Life Style on Earth - Parasites rule
Halo Wars - World Exclusive Field Trip To Harvest Trailer
5 Hidden Gems on the World Wide Web
New Xbox Experience to streamline Games Store
30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs [PICS]
Best USB Drive Yet: It 's Full of Beer!
Rude parrott is addicted to saying w****r
Maths helps bees read the waggle dance
'Nasty' 7-year-old feeds zoo animals to croc
Teen Bleeds Through Her Skin
BBC nuclear bomb attack script revealed
Waitress Places Order: "Freeze, Or I'm Going To Shoot"
Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite
Police: Man Crashes Car While Trying To Roll Joint
Man struck by lightening while pumping gas
When an internet craze goes too far…
Star Wars Hoodies
Fighting with Lighting - Japanese Fluroescent Light Wrestling
Dutch prostitutes rewarded with free clothes
'Thomas Crown' thief uses Craigslist decoys
2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal
Poop Power: U.S. Farms Save Big Turning Manure to Kilowatts
Nokia Tube vs Apple iPhone vs Android G1
Whatever Happened To ..... ?
Economic crisis forces Formula 1 to tighten its belt
The 5 Most Overrated Jobs Of All-Time
Bad Things Happen to Unlicensed Windows Users
5 Incredible Underwater Habitats
Pilot explains "the go-around" that scares us all s***less
The amazing bendy TV screen that folds up to fit in u pocket
Nerds rejoice: Braininess boosts likelihood of SEX
'Space elevator' nears reality
It just won't die: Windows XP gets another six months