Saturday, 29 November 2008

Family Guy - Peter's Cowboy Song

Friday, 28 November 2008

Fridays Doctor Who

Doctor Who - Starlight

Original: Muse - Starlight

Yorkshire Films Present... Zulu

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

19 November is World Toilet Day

Times readers kick up a stink
There’s always been one good outlet when life feels as if it’s going down the drain: write a letter to the The Times. To celebrate World Toilet Day, Ellen Przepasniak has scoured the Archive for ten particularly choice missives from readers who've got themselves in a lather about lavatories.

Top Gear Outtakes

News outtakes 1
Intake outtake
Hammo exclusive
More muscle
News uncut: Episode 2
Spanner waggin’
Finn again

Monday, 10 November 2008

Last Chance Harvey - Trailer


Info 10.11.08

'Anti-Aging' Pill Makes Mice Mighty
Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes
Barack´s Obama Secret Service watch
12 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheating
Official quits after 'blatant groping'
Paris Then and Now: 1900 - 2008
Bra saves woman from being stabbed
Factory-built homes
Wasp sucking machine
Meet the candidates: Bacon and Fries
Blind pilot helped to land plane by RAF
Gravity-Defying Gardening - The Boskke Sky Planter
16 Health Tips for Coping with Cold and Flu Season
Can an Artificial Heart Replace the Real Thing?
Forensic Tool Detects Pornography In The Workplace
Beautiful Whale Blow
What's the most downloaded catalog song in iTunes history?
Killer Whales Are Discriminating Diners
Enid Blyton 'had emotional age of 13yearold'
Cash found in Ohio house's walls becomes nightmare
20 Creepiest Old Movie Posters
Dog takes motor for car wash spin
World's Wackiest Addictions
Thailand’s Porn Laundry Service
On a roll: Golfer records 5 holes-in-one in a week
Invention could be the end of bad photos
Steampunk Taxidermy - Animals Retrofitted with Mechanical Parts
Avalanches Rumble on Mars at Spring
BBC presenter says Queen Mother was 'ghastly bigot'
Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker
Man Attempts To Pay $32 Bar Tab With Gum Wrappers
X-rated: Little House On The Prairie
Run Backups on any Wii Without a Modchip
Are wooden socks a barking idea?
Morbid Lamps - The Patibolo Light
Texas councilman tells teens to hoist saggy pants
The Philosophy of Faith: A Mirror's Edge Interview
A Very Real, Though Slightly Impractical Cure For AIDS
Foreplay is overrated, researchers claim
Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Windows 7
Mystery of the screaming mummy
Warming Trend Is Steepest in 5,000 Years
Cold snap threat to baby hedgehogs
Toy Hall of Fame points to new addition: the stick
Careful Burglar Takes No Chances And Wears 2 Masks
Fancy a game of extreme Scrabble?
Looking at sexy women gives men body-blues
Victim drives sleeping rapist to police station
ABC Reveals: LOST is Coming Back - Soon!
5 Jobs You Wanted as a Kid (And Why They Suck)
Top 5 “Crazy” Michael Crichton Ideas That Actually Came True
If State Signs Were More Truthful (PICS)
10 Gadgets To Help You Cope With The End of Daylight Savings
The Best Bookcases and Bookcase Designs
15 Creatively Geeky (Real-Life) Wallpapers [PICS]
50 Strange Buildings of the World (Photos)
Salma Hayek Having Hard Time Collecting From David Beckham
Plucky Mars Rovers On The Move Again
Computerized Leg Device to Help Elderly Walk
198 Windows Vista Tips & Tricks
Thief sent 'sorry' letter to shop
Man Strips Naked, Climbs Cell Phone Tower: Can You Hear Me Now?
This is scientifically the most irritating article you will read today
Will You Marry Me, Kristen Wiig?
The origins of Internet shorthand
Cutting off healthy limbs OK, says Dr Christopher Ryan
Scientists Can Regenerate Body Parts Bionically
Social Smokers Aren’t Hooked on Nicotine, Just Smoking
The 5 Most Scientifically Plausible Sci-Fi Movies
World's Largest Truck Goes Robotic
Bionic hand makes inventions list
6 Most Amazing Treasures Nobody Ever Found
Python's meal attracts crowd
Robot plays the flute better than humans
Top 12 Coolest Cars at the 2008 SEMA Show
Movie Mash-Ups We'd Like To See
Top 5 Movies from the 80’s
6 People Who Died In Order To Prove A (Retarded) Point
Lemming Numbers Dwindling Under Warming
Virgin Media shows off 50Mbps modem
Facebook Wants Married Men to Cheat
Thieves stuff van full of pigs

Monday, 3 November 2008

Cat in a box

Info 03.11.08

Octopus shoots out light, juggles crabs and trashes aquarium
Eight-Armed Animal Preceded Dinosaurs
PC users to invent ideal machine
Make Something New with Your Old Digital Camera
Chocolate Trading Co
Propeller Beanies / The story of the geek's icon
DNA legacy of ancient seafarers
'Poor' people now buying iPhones
Customized Fake Corpses - Ordering Bespoke Dead People
John Hodgman’s Halloween Tasting of Crystal Head Vodka
Naked pumpkin runners ticketed in Colorado
Top-Earning Dead Celebrities
10 Most Breathtaking Fountains in the World
Top 13 Gaming Panties for girls [NSFW]
Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum
Mass Relocations Planned as Sea Levels Rise
Humiliate Plagiarists in 3 Easy Steps
Top Free Media Converters for Windows
The Scariest Video Games of all Time
A Moving Skyscraper for N.Y.?
Giant bat thrives after near extinction
Iceman Has No Living Relatives
Simply Recipes for iPhone
The Hurdy-Gurdy / Violin, bagpipes, and kazoo combined
Attractive dads have ugly sons
Taxidermy Accessories - Jewelery Made From Dead Animals
Google Fights Zombie Robots on Halloween
Palin takes prank call from fake French president
"Star Wars" inspired hover chair
10 Most Amazing Bridges
Lobster-Claw Live Lobster-Vending Machine
The Marriage in one picture
World's most amazing face paintings
Bat Disease Fungus Identified
The LEGO Minifig Timeline
Teenager convinced home was haunted, hangs self sleepwalking
Space Station Trash Is Plunging To Earth
The Top 10 Car Chase Scenes in Movie History
Self-propelled microbots navigate through blood vessels
Secrets Of Great Characters, According To 6 Sci-Fi Authors
Oldest Hebrew Writing Possibly Found
rate beer
Mud eruption 'caused by drilling'
The Exorcist is top scary movie
Photographic Illusions - Michael Kai’s ‘This Side Up’ Collection
“Out of Office” reply appears on signpost in Wales…Your Fired!
Hundreds flock to toilet to see art
Man’s death in custody linked to ancient curse
Man Glued To Toilet
15 Reasons Why You Should Never Cheat on Your Wife Girlfriend
Sony patents sound-sensing PS3 controller
London's new bomb-proof trash cans will survive apocalypse
Tests shows when a woman will hit menopause
Ten things you don’t know about black holes
Banksy graffiti DOUBLES the price of a derelict pub
Top 10 Haunted Places
Mars Lander, Newly Quiet, May Be at Mission’s End
30 Creepiest Boogeymen Ever
Blood-Sucking Vampire Bats Sing Duets
Man wants to marry comic-book character
Personalized Mini Dolls - Naughty Porcelain Toys
Illegal immigrants head for UK - in a Bentley
Brazil sets rules for its official cocktail
BT tunnels under central London up for sale
9 Popular Halloween Myths Busted!
Man lives in coffin
Water addict died after hosepipe binge
Controversial Suicide Billboards - Hanging Man Parodies Stock Market
Gallery: Homemade Motorized Bike Pays Tribute to Motorcycles of Yesteryear
5,300-year-old mummy belonged to unknown branch family tree
Robert Burns poetry to be Twittered
Golfer's hole in one... in wrong hole
The 50 Scariest Moments In Science Fiction
The Six Sexiest Vampires to Hit the Big Screen
Rare dragon-like reptile found breeding in New Zealand
Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction: 5 Scary Documentaries
7 Top Tips and Resources for Google Chrome
Clothes that Grow from Living Human Tissue
Mom can only recognize Sean Connery
Weird PC Cases - Crazy Computer Modifications
LPG car explodes as driver lights cigarette
10 Amazing Contemporary Sculptures
Squirrel puts out the lights in Richmond
New Police Trucks
Police fill 26 cars with wrong fuel
Pakistan introduces vaccine to prevent top child killer
Actual Haunted House Furniture - Petrifying Home Decor
10 of the World's Smallest Animals
10 Most Weirdest Places
Beer Burglars Busted
Pig bra
Veteran bowler dies straight after first perfect game