Friday, 31 July 2009

Alice In Wonderland 2010 - Trailer


Thursday, 30 July 2009

'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer

8 Bit Thuggin: The original CMOS gangstas


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Windmill Movie - Trailer

Info Bits

Big Ben built and destroyed in a day
Wanted: One zombie, £30K-a-year, frightful perks
Old church turned into the 'Faith Gym'
Meat cleaver and shovel for sale in 'mafioso' eBay auction
Old church turned into gym
Tattooed gangster forced to look like Tom Selleck
Neil Armstrong routinely mistaken for famous astronaut

5 Hilarious Thief Stories
Top 9 Most Bizarre Scientific Investigations

Dolphin strands woman at sea
Woman pleads guilty to illegal butt injections - St. Petersburg Times

Smart cars tipped into Amsterdam canals
Germans get 5,000 new words to shout

Monday, 13 July 2009

Daybreakers - Trailer

Facebook Status-Off

Info Bits

Inappropriate science fair projects
Friday Games
Kite Fail
Ireland Makes Blasphemy Illegal
Fact: Airbags Save Lives
Gina Carano
Sand Dancer
Randomness: Politicians and Other Vermin Style
Fun with Webcams


Saudi 'genie' sued for harassment
Jesus probably wouldn't drive a '79 Chevy |
Cat shows dog who is boss
Pea Shooters Fight It Out For World Championships
Clever Ice Sculptures Around the World
5 Places to Eat XXL Food ( Supersized Meals )
Galileo’s Secret Planet
The Dirt on Easter Island’s ‘Elixir of Life’
Arthur Conan Doyle’s Ghost Photo
Man uses twin to get out of prison
N. Ireland tries new-style July 12 fires
Elephant buttock moisturiser a success
'World's biggest spliff' sparked up
Car chase ends in the harbour
Woman lights crack pipe on arrest
Drunk badger holds up German traffic
Cops and firefighters called over hide-and-seek victory
Drunk man in slow tractor chase
Climbing into bed the hard way
Naked guy five days late at dentist's, gets arrested
10 Strangest Bars
10 Most Fascinating Medical Miracles
Billionaire Leaves Fortune to Feng Shui Master
Chinese Gold Farming Hits Potential Drought
Not golfers, you great fool! Gophers!
He’s pickin’ his nose in every shot!
You know what would be really, really embarrassing?
That’s really subtle, dudes!
And Finally: He’s back and he’s BAD
Hall to the Chief?
On the phona in Pamplona?
Welcome to the Scarf ‘n’ Barf
You will now cluck like a chicken!
Rubik's TouchCube: 80s classic goes digital
Scientists turn clothes into cameras
Monster Model Tanks - Dave Shultz’s Badass Remote-Controlled Replica Military Vehicles
Animal-Inspired Epiphanies - Monkeys Teach Us How to Peel a Banana Properly
The iBum. Photocopying furniture.
I am the king!!! NO, I am the King!
Video: Hands on With the Vibram FiveFingers "Footglove"
To Run Better, Start by Ditching Your Nikes
Plastic Gorilla Feet Give You Twinkle Toes
Bush's Secret NSA Spying May Have Tainted Prosecutions
World's First Self-Irrigating Plant Discovered

Monday, 6 July 2009

Cold Souls - Trailer

Michael Jackson Sock Puppet Theatre Tribute



Info Bits

UK Heatwave Over...Here Comes The Rain
Coffee May Cure Alzheimer's Disease
Is That a COW?!
Zoo's 30 chimps escape enclosure
Top 9 Most Bizarre Scientific Investigations
9 Hilarious Tattoos For Blog Addicts Only - (Geek Tattos )
Nostradamus the Legend
Coming Soon: The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians
Minn. airport signage costs soar to $2.2M
Expert: Fourth of July lore not accurate
Firefighters defeat fire with remote control
Cabbie disarms knife-wielding mugger with deoderant
999 call after hamster escapes
Sex screams lead to mistaken attack
Sheep shrink because of global warming
What are these hideous sewer flesh blobs?
House used in fire training catches fire
Naked plane passenger arrested
Dog survives a squashing by horse pal
12 Most Creative Tissue Boxes
10 Weirdest Toilet Papers
Entire High-Rise Building Tips Over
36,000 Stray Dogs Killed in China
Herb, there’s a gun on your head!
Abe Lincoln, the Big Cheese!
All I have to do is show up?
Don’t wait for me out on The Ledge
MINE DIVER? I thought I applied to be a mime driver!
Well-rounded readers pick best posts…
Smurf Village and the election day blues?
One man’s way of avoiding a layoff?
Two MILES to the nearest bathroom?
Long Movie? RunPee Mobile Can Help Time Your Restroom Move
Chinese babies 'sold for adoption'
Lost cat is found ... on BBC's Question Time
Would-be burglar battered by boxing OAP
Peak Oil: Bugatti Makes a Car for the Ages
July 4, 1776: Preserving the Declaration
Tour de Tweet: Follow Lance and the Boys Online
Penguin Parents Won't Chip In to Help Handicapped Spouse
Solar Racing Champs Roll Out New Car
Lunar Probe Sends First High-Res Images
We Drive BMW's Electric Mini E