Saturday, 21 March 2009

In 100 years we will have alien bats attacking us because of this!

A small bat that was spotted blasting off with the space shuttle Sunday and clinging to the back side of Discovery's external fuel tank apparently held on throughout the launch.
NASA hoped the bat would fly away before the spacecraft's Sunday evening liftoff, but photos from the launch now show the bat holding on for dear life throughout the fiery ride.
"He did change the direction he was pointing from time to time throughout countdown but ultimately never flew away," states a NASA memo. "Infrared imagery shows he was alive and not frozen like many would think ... Liftoff imagery analysis confirmed that he held on until at least the vehicle cleared the tower before we lost sight of him."
Officials at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., where Discovery launched from a seaside pad, said the bat's outlook after launch appears grim.

But we know better...

and who knows, they might even learn to speak

or maybe not :-(

RIP space bat

tks batgirl, batman and Ian


Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe even alien bats with anal probes!

Not that I'd really notice or anything.

Gary said...


Joanne Casey said...

Now I have visions of Omnipotent Poobah in Goatse poses.