Monday, 8 June 2009

Info Bits

What The Weather Will Be Like - In 2080
Riders line up for world's first e-bike race
Chimps, Other Apes Laugh Like People
Anything goes in Miami Beach, except Mr. Clucky
10 Outstanding Custom Guitar Designs
Nationalist Russian politician wishes Susan Boyle well
7 Most Fascinating Underwater Ruins
'Sex Galaxy' Recycles Vintage Porn, Sci-Fi for Blue-Green Film

Android set for score of handsets, but risks fragmentation
Wide Angle: Air France Plane Crash
Nudists claim landlord discrimination - Neighbors have complained about Boulder couple's near-naked gardening
10 Awesome Welding Helmet Designs ( PICs )
Video game thief floods cell
12 of the World's Strangest Vehicles
Gay penguins become adoptive parents

Efficient New Light Unfolds Like Paper
90-year-old Ill. woman gets high school diploma
How Things Change in 10 Years ? ( PICs )
UFOland to be set up by alien sect
The 10 Most-Subscribed-To YouTube Stars - Internet Celebs You've Never Heard Of
Coke Releases Green Tea Flavored Cola
The latest evening wear - the glow-in-the-dark safety kilt
IT'S A RECORD: 154 consecutive rolls of the dice without rolling a 7!!!

4 Strange and bizarre Events
Mugger picks wrong man to rob
12 Coolest Faucets
Balloon Dress Popularity on the Rise
How a good gossip makes women healthier
Britain's native species return
Ghost captured on CCTV?
Bizarre Behavior In The "Boro

Teenager sinks into melting road
10 Unfortunate Neon Signs
Tetris Celebrates 25 Years of Falling Bricks
Creepy Squid Masks - Bob Basset Works Leather Into Tentacular Wearable Art
The Learjet repo man
Blotter: Excuse for Sex In Public Ridiculous
And to dear Peter, I sausages!
10 Excruciating Martyrdoms of Early Christianity

Doctor: Cabbage can cure erectile dysfunction
Former "TV ratings king" under arrest
Dog, Cat & Rat
A Note From the Toilet
Is Windows 7 The Best Windows Ever?
Screw You! I'm Done. Play Arrington off, Keyboard Cat
Trampoline injuries on the up ... and down
Supermarket uses a Stolen Picture for advertising

Study: Men stressed by average love lives
Amazing moment as mighty mouse takes on a hungry leopard - and wins
Another 10 Craziest Hotels
School uniform made from recycled bottles
Can Ants Survive in a Microwave?
GPS Shoes For Alzheimer's Patients
10 Toys That Might As Well Get Their Own Film At This Point
Most Twitter Users Are Sheep

Dead US man gets parking tickets
Bishop sentenced over noisy bells
10 Funniest Videos of Animals Owning People
10 Coolest Speakers
Interactive data glasses ideal for would-be spies
10 Things Parents Should Know about Land of the Lost
15 Great Post-Apocalyptic Movies
Dishes Men Like (1952)

Good sex makes you better at your job
Star Trek Online Gameplay Trailer
Neon Days and Neon Nights (PICS)
Prehistoric Whale Discovered On The West Coast Of Sweden
Stone age beer! 9,000-year-old brew hits shelves this summer
The shot that changed Germany
Boston Police Department Rules Out Zombie Attack
How to Tell Real Breasts from Fake [Playboy Edition]
6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On 'Lost'
7 Failed Virtual Reality Technologies
7 Deadly 'Shrooms

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