Monday, 24 August 2009

Info Bits

Heart-Shaped Cucumbers Make Salads More Lovely
Rare Long-Eared Jerboa Poses for a Picture
In China, A House is not Always a House
China’s Dog License Laws Going to the Dogs
Flip Hole: Japan Takes Age-Old Problem in Hand [NSFW]

10 Weirdest Theme Parks
14 Coolest Pregnant Belly Paintings
10 Fascinating Bioluminescent Organisms
12 Coolest Playing Cards
10 Strangest Allergies
13 Coolest Mona Lisa Parodies & Recreations
12 Funniest Wedding Cake Toppers
10 Most Fascinating Deserts
Manhole Art: 15 Creative Covers

Once Upon a Video of a Car Fire
The Collective Roles of Kevin Bacon, Visualized

Wedding proposal spelled out in hay
Lip balm that 'burns fat' goes on sale
ATM 'speaks' in Cockney rhyming slang
Man's bottom gets glued to toilet seat
Winkers: the jeans that wink at you
Thieves caught in horse chase
Grandpa becomes Britain's oldest ballet-dancer
I'll have sushi off a naked girl, please
Goldfish survives sewage adventure

Muscovy duck: Pet or Food?
Come together - why women go off sex and other bedroom battles - Love & Sex
Golf course groundskeeper finds mammoth tooth
Extra: UK Press Flying Saucer Flap!
Review of ‘The Roswell Legacy’
Shark beach attack
Crazy seal

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