Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Objective - Trailer

Star Trek - New Trailer



The Art or the Egg

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Info bits

How Big Is Your E-Penis?
School for Vampyres
Vampire Bathrooms - Dramatic Bathroom Decor by Kaldewei Inspired by Twilight?
Secret Codes You Aren’t Meant To Know
911 Emergency Beer Call Audio Released
'Tickle monster' cleared by judge

A Collection of the Most DIY McDonald's in the World [PHOTOS]
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...: The View From Outer Space
Robo Warriors
Toilet Cooking Goes Awry In Prison
Man suffers 10 million hiccups - and still no cure

Fraudsters used Boy George on bank notes
Man dies trying to catch suicidal girlfriend as she jumps from 7th floor
20 Fascinating Ice and Snow Sculptures
Broken mirror brings bad luck to marijuana growers
Exploring Alien Abductions
Man Finds Stranger On Couch With Pants Around Ankles
Peripatetic rabbit's automotive hideaway uncovered

Poltergeist activity reported in 100 year old mountain retreat
Two-Headed Lamb Born
Tom-Tom Foolery
10 Excruciating Medical Treatments from the Middle Ages
Retro roadster goes back to the future

Apocylapse Wow!
New Book Examines Science of Human Energy Fields
Pranksters put brick wall over front door
Buzz Aldrin's Incredibly Freaky Story About The Moon
Britian Responds to the "Rule of Law" Nuisance
10 Geological Wonders you didn’t know

Lipstick on the mirror
Finally… A Good Reason to Quit Smoking
Fromage Frais book wins oddest title prize
Chow Down at Oakdale's Testicle Festival
Kitty Song, Featuring 61 Things Stacked on a Cat

Ghost photographs baffle scientists
Top 5 Ghost Tours
Drunk Exotic Animals - The Boozing Anteater Proves Even Pets Enjoy Red Wine
Periodic Table of Console & Handheld Game Controllers
Theres only so much bacon you can take! Or is there?
Creating an Atlas of the Human Mind

Life At Google
Canadians find vast computer spy network
The Beautiful, Scary Robots of Shigeo Hirose
How Does Forensic Handwriting Identification Work
30 Beautiful Examples Of Animal Photography (PICS)
Lacy underwear secret tool of polar expedition
Good-Bye XP. Hello Windows 7
The Freezing Cold Surf of New England (PICS)

Jenson Button and Brawn GP silence doubters at Australian Grand Prix
50 Greatest Formula One Drivers
The Craziest Space Racists Of All Time
10 Weirdest Tech Products Recently Introduced
The 10 Most Perverted Old School Video Games
How to Defend the Earth Against an Asteroid Strike
10 reasons to hate every console
A Lesson in Hanging Toilet Paper

YouTube Adds A Twitter Button
New pods of killer whales (Orcas) discovered
Hackers Go After Pirate Bay Investigator
Volunteers to be Locked in Metal Tubes for 3 Months
The Origins of Suicidal Brains
6 Important Real World Skills You Learned From Videogames
1920s Skyscraper - Past to Present [Pics]
5 Slightly Less Catchy Movie Poster Taglines [PICS]
Crabs feel pain, retain memory of it, researchers say