Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Crypt - Trailer

Got sent home


Keyboard Cat Apprentice

Michael Jackson - Captain Eo

part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

Monday, 29 June 2009

What Goes Up - Trailer

Info Bits

Thrill-seekers pay £3.5k to attack pirates
Twitter Themed WWIII Propaganda Posters
New from Apple….Go to Hell.
NASA Wants Your Ideas for Digitizing Rocket Scientist's Notes
Criminal Breaks In by Chewing Through Steel Bars
10 Fascinating Frozen Wonders of Nature
Photographer captures the end of the rainbow on his iPhone - amazing picture

Golden Gate Bridge Shot With iPhone 3GS
Get a tan everywhere…cut to the crack!
10 Best Prison Breaks
Drinking Beer Out of a $50,000 Mug?
8 Most Endearing Robots
Twitter Leads Police To Litterbug
Ancient phallus unearthed in cave - may have been cavewoman's sex toy

San Francisco Loves Plastic Wrap
Under-bite helps Pabst become World's Ugliest Dog
Japanese Scientist Creates Robot Twin
Another 15 Awful Photoshop Mistakes
Space Shuttle Science & The Tunguska Explosion

The 50 Greatest Movie Trailers of All Time
Former mayor in Georgia arrested for nudity
Wired's Smart Guide to Knowing Your Smartphones
Japanese Fight Crime… With Flowers?
15 Cutest Tattoos
Imaging the Hypnotized Brain

Confusing German Knitted Y Front advert…
Tenn. couple accused of assault using Cheetos
Bear Goes to Dentist
10 Most Creative Anti-Smoking Campaigns
Oi, you've left your snake behind
Funny Star Wars and Disney Posters

Droopy OAP’s get a discount on their burger baps.
Same NY house catches fire two night in a row
Baby Opossum Rescued from Soda Machine
When Matadors Get Gored
Couple get married, end marriage on same day
Top 10 Strangest Things Floating in Space
Pirate Bay’s YouTube Competitor is “Coming Soon”

That light shade is the dogs boll*cks!
Elderly man survives 4 days trapped in well
Buddha with bulge taken off market
10 Weird Things you didn't know about Michael Jackson
Thief nicked after selling stolen mower to owner
9 Awesome 3D Wall Painting Illusions
DNA Experts Build a Safer Mosquito

Where are Tetris blocks made?
Stoned wallabies make crop circles
Park manager fired after sexually harassing mermaid
15 Creative Coca-Cola Bottle & Can Designs
Man who escaped bull attack in new bovine trauma
UFO reports heating up in Kansas City area
2 Augmented Technologies That Will Change The World

Alan Partridge or Lily Allen? Which ones best?
Top 10 Raw Deals for Gamers
Chinese woman boiled man's head to cure daugther's psychiatric problems
Council bans residents' welcome door mats
OMG! Did Google Earth find Atlantis?
Who moved my 'Delete' key? Lenovo did. Here's why.

CO2 makes fish ears bigger
The Wienermobile is the Greatest Vehicle in America
What if the Hoover Dam broke?
5 Tips on Proper Geek Male Maintenance
Dancing Filipino Prisoners are Back with MJ Tribute
World's 10 most legendary bars
Stranger to Myself: I Don’t Feel Like a Real Person
Science Fiction Books That Launched Their Own Genres
The REAL Problem with Second Life

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Info Bits

Woman Cancels Wedding, Discovers Groom Is A Porn Star
5 Most Incredible Holdouts ( nail houses)
Body found in shuttered funeral home
10 Fascinating Elevators
Olive in Your Cocktail? Try a Toad Instead
"Magic Fingers" Bed Inventor Dies at 92
Beach safe looks after your keys as you swim
Top 10 Most Amazing Plants
25 awesome Cross-platform games you can download for free

Inside the Harry Potter machine
A wiring nightmare (18 pics)
This Crispie duck is a restaurant customer
8 Freakiest Fetishes
Chopsticks Bra Promotes Conservation
Che Guevara's Granddaughter Stars Semi-Nude in New PETA Ad
This art is simultaneously rubbish and great
Falcon nest in Greenland is 2500yearsold
Raccoon City coming to Left 4 Dead [Mod]

Inmates told: build your own jail cells
Hilarious keyholders and keychains
Biking granny catches thief
13 Interesting Side Carts
Father’s Day salute to Bad Dad!
Woman on trial for raping 10 men
Beefy Fragrance Ads - Piers Morgan is the New Face of Burger King Body Spray
The San Andreas Fault from Above
FBI files show wide "Deep Throat" investigation

Man who shot dog hospitalised after revenge nose bite
TGIF More UFO Buzz
Baby born on ship gets free travel for life
10 Far-out Father's Day Gifts
Me Tarzan, you embarrassed!
Rare coin found in field set to sell for £10,000
40 Manmade Monsters - From Creepy Couture Bags to Glamorous Goblins
The Incredible Phenomenon of Ball Lightning
Kidnapped Times reporter escapes from Taliban

Sorry, Dad, Sunday is also Naked Hiking Day
Russia’s Killer Apemen?
Free drinks... if you abuse bar staff
World's Craziest Stunts
Okay, let’s see which of you tramps lights up!
Rock-on with some concrete speakers
Bejeweled Skeletons - Decorated Skulls at Northern Ink Xposure Are Eerily Beautiful
5 Most Bizarre Things You Didn't Know About Cheating
Why So Serious, Mister Gorilla? (PIC)

Beware of the, er... kitten: Terrified postmen threaten to boycott house after attack by baby cat
UFO Buzz
Knicker nicker 'stole 88 panties'
World's Slimmest Houses and Buildings
I said RED wine, butt-face!
Girl scoops £30,500 in texting competition
Open-Casket Couches - Creepy Foldable Coffin Seating by VonErickson (UPDATE)
DIY Keyboard Cat Videos
Man devotes 34 years and 100,000 toothpicks to San Francisco

Falcon picks up tennis balls
Halifax Haunts Reviewed
Twitter and Iran
10 Coolest (and yummiest) Stuff made from Chocolate
Swine-Flu Sickened Couple Says "I Do" in Surgical Masks
Waterproof PC for clumsy office workers
The plant that pretends to be ill
Moby: The RIAA Needs to be Disbanded

Church blesses fathers with beer
Dutch Muggers Caught On Google Street View Camera
12 Coolest Low Tech Inventions
The Pekoppa Toy: Buffer Against Loneliness
Bus driver sacked for being porn star
Cats are not as smart as their owners think
Daisy De La Hoya 911 Call - 'There's An Exorcism Here!'
Cancer: shock breakthrough

Weird Gel Remote Lays Limp When Not In Use - Geekologie
British schools told to scrap 'i before e'
Only in the Subway
The World’s Smallest Whale Shark
McManiac Cop Flashes Gun at McDonald's Drive-Thru
Alcohol affects your brain after six minutes
Seven Total Badasses with Totally Wussy Hobbies
The Evolution Of Space Cruiser Design: A Gallery
Beware the Bikers! [COMIC]
Scary washing machine fetches over $5000

Friday, 19 June 2009

Apocalyptica feat. Till Lindemann (Rammstein) - Helden

...Apocalyptic Channel


Unmistaken Child - Trailer

UK: MPs' expenses: Find your MP


tks StevenP

iPhone Art


tks StevenP

Family Guy - Irish Heritage

tks Neilster

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Game: Little Wheel

Little Wheel
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Lord Somersby

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Info Bits

Final Destination: Woman Misses Fatal Air France Flight, Only to Die in Car Crash Days Later
Robotic ferret is newest defence against smugglers
Alien Hunting: 'We Are Definitely not Alone in the Universe'
Paper Toys
Tattoo Body Map: What Your Bad Decision Says About You
10 Awesome Trucks
Passing the Phaser: 10 Tips for Turning Your Kids Into Trekkies
Future of 'Futurama' Holds Shocking Sex, Sinister Twitter

Kato Kaelin Keyboard Cat
Google Street View takes to a tricycle
Apollo meets astrology: Buzz Aldrin and Gustav Holst
Big People, Little Pools (Videos)
Mystery Worms Invade Northwest China
Dead passenger goes unnoticed on London bus for six hours
Alcoholic Architecture - The Houston Beer Can House Was Built With Empties, From Walls to Mailbox
The £10 Breakfast Challenge [Pics]

Gas Leak Forces Scrub of Shuttle Launch
Living statues chosen for Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth
Fox steals more than 100 shoes
Camera On The Tracks
Why Did Chinese Officials Paint a Mountain Green?
Bagpiper to remind Americans of Scots roots
Beer Goggles in Action.
7 Civil War Stories Your Teacher Never Told You

Venezuela bans Coke Zero over unspecified health problems
Beauty of the beasts: Swiss cows fight to be queen
City's new dress code requires deodorant, underwear
Biking down the World's Most Dangerous Road
Bizarre Belt Helps Japanese Lose Weight
Guilty looking dogs don't feel sorry
Why there is always a queue for the womans bathroom…
45 Ridiculous Pictures Of Boy Bands [PICS]

Apple's big week: the good, the bad, the ugly
From big mudding trucks to pole dancing, Redneck Yacht Club is down and dirty
Police Unveil New Twist On Old Idea...The Bobby On A Motorized Tricycle
12 Extraordinary Gold Plated Stuff
Tokyo Gets Served… Cosplay Style
Toy sculptures have grown-up pricetags
Sofa/Pool Table Transformer
Microsoft to give away anti-virus

$1m mattress dumped by mistake
Amazon pays $51m to settle Toys R Us divorce
5 Crazy Japanese Gadgets You’ll Never Use.
OMG!! Ill-Timed Text Message Dooms Juvenile Burglary Suspect
15 of the World's Strangest Limousines
Locals Stage Peanut Rebellion
Future ships to wiggle and swim like fish
A Whole Chicken in a Can…Yum Yum!

Nintendo wins Wii patent case
Right place at the Right time (11 funny pics)
Thieves steal Sugar Puffs
15 Coolest Piggy Banks
Happy news for Rat Island and Snakeville?
10 odd ways to get an employers attention
Ex-POW seeks apology, compensation
How Windows 7 Unleashes the Power of Multitouch

Top 10 Strangest Covered Cars
Human Activity Found Beneath Lake Huron
Dog finds dope, eats dope, gets stoned
10 Most Extreme Wedding Proposals
Knees? What kind of joint is this?
Dancing dads are a work of art
Geek Art: Needlework Brings Together Programmers, Crafters
Our technology… a million years from now

7 Things I Wonder About
Bakery 'threw employee's arm away'
Matryoshkas: 12 Most Creative Russian Nested Dolls
Recycled Animal Corpses - Shadowy Art from Macabre Mummified Critters
EU Criticizes IE Unbundling, but Does It Matter Anymore?
10 Coolest and Geekiest Soaps… ever [ Pics]
Nevada Students Find Naked Man Tied To A Rock
Forger too bad at forgery to be guilty of forgery

Can I Download the Internet?
15 Extremely Flexible Women
11 Sluggish Finds - From Slimy Eroticism to Snail-Inspired Decor
18 Profane Innovations - From Clocks That Curse to Profanity Fashion
Meteorite Strikes Teen's Hand; He Survives
And Finally: A new wrinkle in job-hunting?
Wackiest Beds Around The World
Ten Places To Watch What You Wear!

60 Rare and Unusual Vintage Signs [PICS]
The Pirate Bay Joins Anonymous’ Fight Against Scientol
Anti-Pirate Bay Site In Pirate T-Shirt Failure
Photographs Taken At Night (PICS)
The Cougar Reference Manual (GRAPH)
60 years after Orwell wrote 1984...almost reality
Exposed: Nude Mona Lisa
Banksy Launches Suprise Exhibition - Largest Project To Date
Hugh Laurie interviews Michael Jackson
New Xbox To Launch In 2010?
15 Common Drinking Myths Debunked
Are urban tapeworms on the rise?