Sunday, 7 December 2008

Info 07.12.08

Man bleeds to death from picking his nose too much
Top 10 Amazing Facts About …. YOU!
Steampunk Gas Masks - Retro Reinvented Safety Gear
"I lost my wife to cybersex!"
9 Most Breathtaking Hand Paintings
Video Overview of Recently Released UFO Files
Soul Mates: Thieves Lift 1,400 Pairs Of Shoes
Cat photographs his life
Singer killed for hogging karaoke
10 Geekiest Graffiti
Secret Santas spread cheer, $100 bills
Mice take over Italian cheese factory
When Fish Go Bad
A venomous lizard's spit can aid diabetes cure!
A History Of Psychological Warfare (1914-2008)
Are we too afraid of touch?
The Private Lives of Your Favorite Toys [30 PICS]
SMBC: Eliminating Sex
13 Upcoming Remakes of Hollywood Sci-Fi Classics
Venus Flytrap in Action
Downpour over the Atlantic
Roger Ebert's 20 Best Films of 2008
Top 10 Apple Stories Of 2008
Parents warned on fake consoles (with VIDEO)
Top 10 Things You Forgot Gmail Can Do
Knife Boots
The Football (Soccer) Miracle from Hoffenheim
The Naughtiest Sex Position
8 Awesome Dogs - 8 Amazing Stories
Body Swapping Experiments
Holiday Bell Ringer Gets Bah-Humbug Treatment
Australia mulls official 'intersex' gender
Accident-prone Santa on display
Another 12 Hilarious Tombstones
5 Bizarre Facts About Hitler
Meteor Explodes over Colorado
Doctor Who Advent Calendar 2008
Good News for Happy People: It's Contagious
Sex For Sale Poll, Also have Drugs Available and Coming soon More Crime
Clumsy Robber's Lost Knife Links Him To Crime
Teacher under fire for pushup punishments
Mad man can drive a taxi
10 Most Bizarre Phobias
Intelligent 'have better sperm'
44 Gifts You Probably Don’t Want - Hilarious, Weird and Plain Useless Presents
Real Life Mario Kart
Frogspawn learns the smell of death
15 Strangest Limousines Around The World
Strangers In Your Living Room
Toilet bowl rescue woman sues
Only in Japan!
Mexico wants to shrink coins to save a few cents
Hunting new Earths and the edge of the universe
How to Know When It Is Time to Leave the Bar (Flowchart)
What is Truth Serum and Does it Actually Work?
Stories Behind 10 Famous Christmas Songs
Christmas kissing at threat due to mistletoe shortage
Lego Space Ship Big Enough to Terraform Real Planets (PICS)
Games & Toys Made Less Fun...With Photoshop [Pics]
Unlocking The Mysteries Of Memory
World's Fastest Robot
Holland's Politically Incorrect Christmas: Santa's Little (Slave) Helper
Suspect In Dunkin' Donuts Robberies Barks Like A Dog At Judge
130,000 inflatable breasts lost at sea
Help Wanted: Irresistible Job Offers
10 Gadgets For Cheap Holiday Decorating
Achoo! 150 reasons why you should have a hankie at the ready
10 Scientific Frauds that Rocked the World [w/Pics]
Breathtaking 100 degree view of 3 galaxies and a comet
5 Life Lessons Taught By a Dying Computer
These Pictures are Actually Not Photoshopped
Man Charged With Battery After Reportedly Shoving Cheeseburger Into Girlfriend's Face
Police pose with naked girls
Pimp My Rice: Greatest Crop Circles
Alec Greven, the nine-year-old ladies man
Who is the most badass character of the moment?
Best Pictures of Microscopic Life From 2008
Baseball Fights (compilation)
"I Made A Fake Facebook And Had 100 Friends In 4 Days"
A Hilarious Comic to Understand the Modern World
Snake found in photocopier
11 Weirdest Dresses
Cheryl Cole becomes Angel of the North
Golf: The Science Behind the Swing
It's Shmeat! Flesh Grown in a Test Tube Coming Soon
10 Years of the Euro [pics]
Google shows Microsoft how to connect the dots
MSNBC producer goes nuts live
6 Fully Functional Lego Creations
Nazi Research & Conspiracies
World's Firsts
What You Can Do With 10,000 Dixie Cups and 3 Hours
ET: Be My Friend!
Raise World's IQ by 1 Billion Points
Biggest Installation of Silent Urban-Styled Wind Turbines
WebUrbanist: 33-Part Illustrated Guide to Abandoned Places
Invasive Fire Ants Lose Heads to Flies
9 Most Amazing Hot Springs Around the World
15 Most Incredible Face Paintings


Joanne Casey said...

holy shit, this must be the biggest piles of links yet!

Gary said...

I was on a roll lol