Sunday, 14 December 2008

Info 14.12.08

Zombie Personal Ad
Did Magnetic Blip Trigger Mass Extinction?
Woman accused of biting man at NY basketball game
Animal Migration - 20 Truly Breathtaking Pictures
Have Yourself a Very Pagan Christmas
Christmas Tree Tent Robbed, Thief Leaves Wallet Behind
Man says 'slap me with a salmon'
10 Fascinating Albino Animals
Santa Speedo Run 2008
Weird ‘Rhino Escape’ Training Video
Playboy Sexin’ Up the Virgin Mary
Flame retardants prove ineffective on fresh-cut Christmas trees
Cosmic Conundrum Hits Close to Home
Police: pizza man's cheesy weapon foils a stickup
18 Hilarius Church Billboards
Motives Behind Santa Myth Examined
Man Sprays "Toilet-Papering Teens With Fox Urine
Police called to free wife from sexy handcuffs
15 Most Impressive Cakes
Beethoven and the Illuminati
Chinese Farmer Builds Robot Army
Viral Mammal Hybrids - Meet the Panda Dog
Soak It to Me: Inside Liquid-Suspended Gaming PC
Found: 2,000-Year-Old Brain, Preserved
Burglar Held Captive by Ghost
13 Coolest Movie Gadgets Ever
Cops Follow Footprints In Snow To Suspects
Mystery of missing snakes solved
7 Most Breathtaking Views of Bolivia
G.O.R.K. (God Only Really Knows?)
Gillette tops list of 10 worst TV ads
Virgin Galactic 'mothership' to take first flight
Vets Fix Feline's Face After 'Cat'-Astrophe
Woman gets 55 years for writing bad checks
Tuna Sandwich Stolen
Chipmunk goes nuts on car
Naughty List: Crimes Against Christmas
Dark chocolate can help you lose weight
Mind-reading' software could record your dreams
Chinese girl gets 'kiss of deaf'
Advice: Don't Lie About Your Name When It's On Your Neck
Cheeky winker trademarks ;-)
Michael Jackson steps out in his most bizarre outfit yet
“Aiko” Brings Stepford Wife Fantasy to Life
Scientific journal advertises Chinese brothel
Cartoon-Like Computer Peripherals - USB Dinosaur Webcam Makes Lifecasting Cute
Bird lovers split over plan to bring back glorious killer of the skies
Santa Claus helper alleges caroling attack
Miracle as boy survives after arrow shot through his skull
Disabled Swedish Woman Told to Lose the Rack, Go Back to Work
Hamster On A Piano Eating Popcorn
Santa Clawed as cat attacks Father Christmas
A brand new Taj, it’s no mirage!
Illinois woman burns boyfriends clothes, $100K in damages
Lightsaber sells at auction for £133,000
End of Times Holiday Party at Mule Design Studio
No time for a real woman? Date a robot instead
There’s eggnog in your hair, Claire!
Barbies Embarrassing Uncle…the doll who shat his pants
Meet the 69-year-old pin-up boy
My shoes match! I have to go change!
Great Photographic Composition
Christmas Tree Made Out Of Water Bottles
Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 DIY Photography Tools
The Accent Master
Wife calls police after husband scares her with Viagra results
Top 25 Nintendo Moments
Jim's Best Pranks in "The Office"
'Flintstones' Car First to Combine Pedals, Solar, & Battery
The top 10 rock albums of 2008
Top 10 Nintendo DS games of 2008
Private Nut
Firms Make a Killing on i-Phone Apps
23 suspected pirates captured, Indian navy says.
Fat Princess Takes The Cake, Voice Chat Coming
Strange religion in India - temple devoted to rats
Secret Fight Clubs of Silicon Valley "Keyboard Fight" Video
14 Century-Old Environmental Predictions
More amazing Heavy Rain pics - best looking game ever?!!
Over the moon: The night sky spectacle that was bigger .....
Use Your USB Stick As a Key to Start Your PC
Windows XP: The OS That Won't Quit
11 of the Coolest Mug Designs for a Hot Cup o’ Joe [PICS]
Dogbert Explains The Financial Crisis
First time EVER, A Halo Wedding...
Everything You Need to Know About Windows 7
YouTube Lets You Turn Videos Into Greeting Cards
The 5 Most Terrifying Local TV Christmas Commercials
Waterflux Art Museum Is Clearly an Alien Cockroach Nest
142 Fantastically Funky Modern Furniture Designs [PICS]
The 12 Drinks of Christmas
7 Rejected Gmail Themes
How my Nerd Boyfriend Seduced Me w/ Wine, World of Warcraft
Sorry..I thought guys liked it when we did that [Comic]
The 17 EA Games That Critics Really Liked In 2008
101 Classic Computer Ads (PICS)

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