Tuesday, 12 May 2009

How many British MPs does it take to change a lightbulb - None, he calls the electrician and claims for it in his expenses

Just a few of the MPs' expenses from The List

£2,115 for having a moat cleared

£620 for the installation of a chandelier and rewiring work

£5,650 for gardening work

£388.80 for horse manure

£41 to fix a lawn-mower's puncture

£115 plus Tax to replace 25 light bulbs

£80 to change the light bulbs in the bathroom

a £199 pouffe, a £370 armchair, an £899 sofa and a
£29.99 a black glitter toilet seat

£2,339 for “magnolia” carpets

£35 for a toilet roll holder, £537 for an oven,
a £605 TV and a £449 sound system

£304.10 for work on the swimming pool

£750 on a “multi-room audio system” and £830 on
a DVD recorder and other electrical goods

£1,300 for an intercom, brass name plaque and
other door adornments

and here's The List


Joanne Casey said...

Would they never think of spending their own masses of money on it?

Gary said...

No, they need that for the new drawbridge!