Sunday, 3 May 2009

Info Bits

MI6 hiring occupational health advisors
Vodafone shows off HTC's second Android phone
Repairs on track for Large Hadron Collider
FBI Defends Disruptive Raids on Texas Data Centers
Did asbestos help life evolve?
Former commando decapitates his talkative wife after sex
10 Alien-Looking Places on Earth
NSFW!! Businessman's porno screensaver interrupts his presentation [vid]

Toy parrot tells girl, 5, to b****r off
FAQ: How to get Windows 7 RC
Google hires goat army for lawn maintenance
Windows 7 release date leaked?
Village blames bleak outlook on BBC
Woman accused of taking 500 pounds of gold from job
Spectacular Labyrinths From Around the World
Sometimes, Defendants Do The Darndest Things

10 Most Bizarre Gaming Incidents
YouTube swot beats ambulance to birth
Lightning injures 26 at football match
The Alphabet According to Google Earth
History of My Favourite Martian Photograph
History of My Favourite Martian Photograph - Part 2
Repairman Accused Of Peeping At Woman In Shower
Naked pop star escapes charges

Playing with Food: 15 Pieces of Food Art
Chewbacca’s high school photo
Portable toilets help pilot survive crash
The Parade 2009
Man who slept with gun shoots self
Light Sabers and Segways - A Marriage Made in Nerd Heaven
15 Strangest Lamps
Angela Merkel's Lingerie Ad, in the Flesh

Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks
Google Has A Competitive Advantage In Scanning Books
Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets
Invisibility, Via Meticulous Work
Bank holiday DIY injury warning
Alarming Impromptu Music - Fire Alarm Sets Off Amazing Jam Session
Matrix director Larry Wachowski now walks as a woman in L.A
Look guys I can Tokyo Drift!

50% of the World Has a Mind-Bending Brain Parasite: Do You?
20 Most Incredible Cartoon Cars Of All Time
Dear Public Servant... (Pic)
Lawn mower saves man from exploding grenade
Corseted Coffin Calendars - Cisa’s Naughty 2009 Calendar Makes Funerals Hot
Cows as Action Heroes - The Creatively Animalistic Photography of Mark Hotlhusen
Hitler back in Berlin - in Mel Brooks farce
Electric Car Makes Le Mans Racing Greener

Sonny 2 - You've Killed Zombies now Become one (Flash Game)
Game Consoles Seen Via X-Rays [PICS]
Video Game Cosplay Yearbook Page
Dolphins Keep an Eye Out While Sleeping?
Clash of the Uber-Geeks: Gigabyte's Overclocking Competition
The Oldest Breweries in the World (MAP)
13 Super Cool Computer Keyboards
Robopenguin Doesn't Say 'Beep Boop' But It's Still the Coolest Thing

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