Sunday, 17 May 2009

Info Bits

The Definitive List of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Cover Songs on the Internet
Yorkshire pub finds smoking 'loophole'
Students ditch English to study zombies and YouTube
Prehistoric England
Another load of Abbey Road?
Smarter women have better sex
Banana used as gun in holdup, then eaten

Obama 'Star Trek' Photoshops
Motorist: 500-pound moose 'fell out of the sky'
Underworld Adventures: Spectacular Cave Explorations
Police: Woman took $1,000 in razor blades
No running on the tightrope, kids!
VIDEO: Google TV ads air for first time
43 Children Stun-Gunned At Jail Take Your Child To Work Day

Girl allegedly uses gun to force sister to play
The Great Moon Hoax
Teddy bear barred from boarding plane
Coats for Guinea Pigs
Man finds dead lizard in hospital sandwich - after he chews on it
Darth Vader line is movies most misquoted
China sex theme park causing controversy: media

Rich Norwegian fined $109,000 for drunk driving
About Jack & Jill
Cutest Monkey Ever Meets a Slow Loris and the Internet Implodes
You won’t talk? Maybe Mandy can change your mind!
Pilot's Fatal 'Distraction'
Gadget automatically slows speeding cars
Bizarre Sports Around the World

Snake in toilet bowl bites man's penis
Two Women Jailed Over Obama Photo
Surgery saves frog injured by lawnmower
That’s the pope in a suit and tie?
Big boobed Norma bares all
Playing with Windows 7's Slingbox-like feature
About The Illuminati

The worlds biggest boobs
Boy Playing With Toy Gun Is Shot By Sheriff's Deputy
Baggage sucked into plane engine
From tapdance to lapdance?
Pass the salt: The 1.2km long dining table
Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever
Man lets son pick prostitute: She's a cop

Loughborough Council tenants told to give one month's notice of when they will die
Hearse keys taken by rival undertaker
Okay Dobbin, now let’s try some ’70s disco clothes!
The world's largest comic strip unveiled
Sony takes on iPod Touch with Walkman X
Are humans cruel to be kind?
Man arrested for 'tweet' aimed at bank

Hero mutt protects dog buddy from traffic onslaught
16 Creative Ads in Unusual Places
Contorted Shoetography - Neon Face Mask Surrealism Used To Advertise Footwear
The Wide World of Lingerie?
Pigs root out wartime bomb
Cornea Jewelry (Update) - The ‘JewelEye’ Piercing Will Pimp your Eyeballs

12 of the World's Most Fascinating Ruins
Genetically Engineered Pups Glow Red
What Jack Bauer won’t tell you?
Rare blue diamond sells for £6.2million
Chrome Supercars - Personalized Pimped Out McLaren SLR Gets a Sporting Chance
Sexy mascot can stay at eatery if curves covered

10 Most Bizarre Collections
Honey, the guide says they serve IMPORTED rats here!
The Ultimate Money-Waster: $4,000 Xbox Shoes
Belgian city will go vegetarian
20 Awkward Photographic Moments - From Silly Self-Shots to Comedic Satellite Photos
Sexually frustrated emu tries to herd woman into nest

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