Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Info Bits

VIDEO: £50 Zombie movie shocks Cannes
Revealed: full Glastonbury lineup
Who wants a giant poster of the history of Unix?
Google releases a faster Chrome 2
12 Most Unfortunate Product Names
Brits beat recession blues with kinky sex

UFO caught on video as large group of helicopters surround the scene
6 College Degrees You Won’t Believe Exist
Did An Asteroid Attack Enhance Life on Earth?
Groom Arrested At Wedding Reception In Spat Over Saggy Pants
'Dracula bride' was just a weaver from Burnley
15 Creative Umbrellas
Why geeks are better in bed

Buzz off! Bee swarm traps workers in NY game store
You Know You’re Rich When…
Math for Mystics and Me?
FBI challenges public to solve puzzle
'Windfall couple' cash retreived
10 Craziest Products Inspired by Bacon
7 Security Products for the Paranoid
A Look at Time Travel
New service allows final Tweet from grave
54st corpse towed away 'like a cow'
15 Dumbest Car Spoilers
Ladies, is it just me?
7 Prescription Drugs With Worse Side Effects Than the Ailments They Treat

Genetics Lawsuit Will Become Landmark Case
Burglar apologises for waking victim
Storm Drain Art: 20 Artworks from Brazil
8 Bizarre Subcultures
Alaska Hosts Battle Of The Beards
If the Amish ruled the world….(amish funny photos)

Victoria Day
Accidental millionaires escape with $2.3M
10 Strangest Fashion Accessories
15 Most Bizarre Patents
Russian fishermen catch squeaking alien and eat it
10 Strange Medical Syndromes
Dentures, Debts & Disagreements

Teacher sacked for spraying 'smelly' kids
10 Unbelievable Sleepwalking Stories
15 Sexist Vintage Ads
Crocheted creations artwork is woolly good
Teen Saves iPod From Onrushing Truck, Gets Hit Herself
Diners use interactive tables to order food
Tech-Savvy Taxidermy - The Mouse Mouse for Morbid Computing

Speaking Klingon
Stunning images of kingfishers in action [PICS]
Tortoise is fitted with 'crash helmet' toupee
Suicidal Man Pushed from Bridge by Onlooker
A foot-pump powered mobile phone charger
Treasure Hunt Gardening - Jan Long’s Golden Thumb Finds 500 Year Old Antiques
The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan
Timelapse of the Canary Islands

Taiwanese Whale Explosion... Literally
Queen has a gold-plated Nintendo Wii
Transformer Togas - Wearable Towels Are the New Snuggie, But This Time, For Summer
You've Got Skeleton
8 Tech Celebs Who've Been in Trouble with the Law
Astronaut Not Really Tweeting From Space. Dang!

Shark attack wetsuit set to scare beach-goers
3D Garbage Portraits - Bernard Pras Makes Art from the Most Random Found Objects
The Guy Behind Flash Mobs Tackles His Frankenweb Monster
14 Good Reasons to Stay Inside
Ohio family feud leads to dueling candy stores
London takes to the rooftops for high tea

Guerrilla Grocery Labels - Shop Drop Montreal Rebrands the Shopping Experience
Terminator Versus . . . What?! Strangest Skynet Spinoffs
Warning Signs To Remind You To Not Mess With Nature
Fan Made: Movie Posters in LEGO
The Mapped Out 'Terminator' Timeline
10 Most Suggestive Cacti on Earth
Verizon: Pay up or die
Collection of All Rumors from the Web about the Next iPhone

Vending Machine Coffee in a Can is Big in Japan
6 Weird Ways to Turn Poop Into Electricity
US Soldiers Waterboarding Prisioner in Vietnam
20 Fantasy Digital Paintings
The English Language Is Goofy
How to Survive an Animal Attack
World's Meanest Dog: The English Cocker Spaniel?
A Series of Emails From Cyberdyne’s New Tech Guy

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