Sunday, 10 May 2009

Info Bits

Hulu recognizes Blighty existence
Picture This: Fire Jumper
International Research Team Examine ‘Hobbits’ Feet
Snake head surprise for New York diner
10 Divorce Stories you won't believe
Sexsomnia case prompts law change
Star Trek Gallery: Then and Now

Pipeline Blast Sends Flames Into Moscow Sky
Does Ghosts/Spirits Really Exists?
eBay’s Effect on Antiquities
Queen Victoria deal could undo football club
10 Most Fascinating Castles and Palaces
Man gets parking fine 13 years later

Google plans space exploration gadget to help mobile phone users study night skies
A beheaded body can take 32 steps
New Study on Buddhist Deity Meditation
How to do the Northern Line in three minutes
10 of the World's Most Dangerous Roads
Granny robs convenience store for grandkids

Porsche and Volkswagen automakers agree to merger
'We've boobed': busty women win bra battle
How Not To Rob A Bank
Top 5 bizarre x-rays
Second Life Trailing World of Warcraft
KFC makes Oprah Winfrey chicken blunder

ModBook Mac tablet turns up in Blighty
Man accused of fighting Wal-Mart worker for $18 pizza cutter
Naked Woman Knocks On Door, Asks For Cigarettes
Germans wee in brass instruments
107 Year-Old Woman Seeks First Husband
Upside down bikini girls invade London

iPhone compass evidence surfaces
Creative and Unusual Things your Food You Can do
Man Caught With 14 Birds In His Trousers
Last Shot - Sharp(ie) Paint Job
Thai Monks Find the Path to “Beervana”
Why no H1N1 flu cases in Africa?

Report: US air-traffic control systems hacked
Unexpected Car Dust Art
Backyard chickens a trend?
Favre Story - A True Love Story and Internet Masterpiece
Cool! Ma’am, do you have a gun on you right now?
Steampunk Artifacts Created by The Neverwas Haul Crew

Deep inside Wolfram Alpha
Giant Animals Appear Across the World
Upside down pizza call a YouTube hit
Bringin' It Back: Star Trek's Uhura Wants All the Junkie Skanks to Hush
Star Wars vs. Star Trek, The Death Star Destroys The Starship Enterprise Over San Francisco
Wanna see my Chipmunk, baby?

Red tape keeps Conficker on medical devices
Manhattan 400 years ago
Pingu fan breaks penguin world record
15 of the World's Greatest Living Rocks
I hope you shoot better than you dress!
Awkward Family Photos, Embarrassing The Ones You Love

Just Put Your Lips Together: Heidelberg Zoo's Whistling Orangutan Releases CD
Orangutan makes a run for it at Australian zoo
Crikey, mate! A kangaroo is loose
15 of the Meanest CAPTCHAs ever
Reboot! I said, reboot now!
Speed camera boss banned for, er, speeding

Breaking $20 At McDonald's? Get Ready To Show Some ID
10 Best Drummers in the World!
The Ultimate Terminator Salvation Gallery (PICS)
Eiffel Tower: 'Odious Column' of Metal
BA Review: Star Trek | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Outbreak! Top 10 Video Game Pandemics
Dr Christopher Walkenstein in His Lab (PAINTING)
British MPs expense X-rated movies and horse manure
Burglers Steal Everything In Home, Including The Home
Star Trek Tek - Real or Fiction?
Frogs flown from Montserrat to flee deadly fungus

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