Saturday, 30 May 2009

Info Bits

Mysterious winged cat baffles animal experts
Google Earth charts human cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars with 'map of fallen'
Google toys with plug-in free YouTube
13 Banned Ronald McDonald Pictures (Funny pics)
Nokia's Ovi Store launch marred by server issues
Moscow UFO?
Attack of the slimy caterpillar web
Nurse, bring me a scalpel and an ashtray
15 Awkward Nudetography Sightings - From Celebrities to Nudist Photo Albums

Lebsians Sue Over Use Of Term Lesbian
15 Geekiest License Plates.. ever, with Explanation For Non Geeks
Top 10 weird world records
A LEGO-a-Day for 365
Next recalls underwear after complaints over 'Hitler image'
Tattoo-Piercing Hybrids - Tribal Body Armor Emerges as Brand New Mod
Church of Scientology indefinitely banned from editing Wikipedia

Top 5 Text Blunders of All Time
Eye Holes In Mask Lead To Suspect ID
They'll never recognise me - top 5 weird robbers' disguises
12 Alphabets made of Objects
School doors glued shut
Horrific Human Skin Art - Andrew Krasnow’s Disturbing Corporeal Creations
Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan

Man who took half full ketchup bottle from college, banned for 2 years and fined $150
14 Cars Damaged During WA Couple's Stripping Game
Man sues Guinness Book of Records over 'most lawsuits' claim
12 Bizarre Vending Machines
Britain faces African butterfly 'invasion'
Gravity-Defying Hair - Avant-Garde Designs by Robert Masciave
Photographic Treasure Trove: What East Germany Was Really Like

Enforced diet gives dog freedom
Girls Arrested Over "Air Rage"
Boy takes on tumble dryer and loses
The Eyeglasses That Can Locate Anything (Except Themselves)
VIDEO: Clever birds learn to use tools
Creepy Celebrity Canines - Rascal, the World’s Ugliest Dog, is a Unanimous Fan Favorite
Picture This: Got(h) Makeup?

How Far Would You go to Get 'The Perfect Bird Photograph'? [video]
Man accused of urinating in IRS elevator
Stripping couple arrested over rock-throwing 'Sex Me' game
7 Year-Old Discovers Racist Couch
Japanese horror novel printed on toilet roll
Childhood Terrortography - ‘Evidence of Things Unseen’ by Simen Johan
'Slavery' mother-in-law is jailed
Florida ex-firefighter sentenced for stealing foot

23 Edgy Modern-Girl Body Mods - From Connect-the-Dots Tattoos to Dimple Piercings
Plants vs. Zombies
What could possibly go wrong?
Clerk gives robber $40 from own pocket for insulin
Bullet In Housewife's Face For 42 Years
Schizophrenic Brains Not Folled by Optical Illusion
Teams submit F1 entries for 2010

Fruity Beverage Packaging - Naoto Fukasawa Flavors His Juice Boxes With Creativity
Just The Backgrounds of Popular Internet Memes
Inside America's (Mock) Attack on North Korea
Pink dolphin a standout in La. shipping channel
Rare WW2 photographs discovered
Sperm Whale Caught Stealing Fish on Video
Tech Lets Plants Phone for Water

Intel TV Ad Campaign Celebrates Nerd Rock Stars
Man, 81, charged for clearing pothole for repair
Leaks All But Confirm 32GB iPhone
Blacklister snooped on workers for 30 years
Glowing monkeys 'to aid research'
Nimoy Stuns Austin Crowd with Secret Star Trek Premiere
Baby monkey inherits dad's 'alien' gene
Japan university gives away iPhones to nab truants

Britain's stinkiest cheese now named
9 Most Outrageous Outlaw Heroes
14 Forgotten Videos From Our 100 Most Iconic Videos List
Florida's most sinful county
He's The Computer Man... And We're Running Scared
Another 10 Weirdest Dresses
Coffee fan 'Starbucking' through Britain
Bulls explode after power lines collapse
What year is this again?
Rocky theme is most motivational song

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